Corporate Tax

Complex and ever-changing tax legislation and the challenges of working in a global economy which requires companies to look beyond our shores for suppliers, customers and employees, creates a tax landscape that is often difficult, if opportunity-filled, to negotiate.

Almost every business decision has a tax implication therefore taking a tax-conscious approach to business is not just wise but is often a competitive necessity.

We provide corporation tax and services to a wide range of corporate clients, crossing diverse industry sectors and size.

  • Liaison with both Irish and foreign tax authorities
  • Advice on minimising companies’ total tax costs
  • Advice and assistance in establishing new businesses
  • Specialist advise to foreign companies locating/setting up divisions in Ireland
  • Maximising value for directors and shareholders in corporate structures
  • Advice on tax efficient funding within corporate vehicles
  • Extraction of value from company structures in the most tax efficient manner
  • Tax Analysis
  • Income tax projections
  • Tax efficient business models
  • Estate Planning
  • Revenue Audits